Scott Simmons

Scott Simmons
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Systems Project Analyst; Systems Project Administrator; State Fleet Administrator, Florida Department of Management Services, Division of Specialized Services | November 1992 - September 2011

Management - Provided leadership and solutions to the DMS fleet management team on a wide array of fleet projects and initiatives. Worked with the executive office on fleet issues, reports, proposals, strategies, and policies for both the legislature and Governor's office. Met with legislative staff to discuss and report on fleet issues. Worked with private entities, such as Tax Watch, on fleet related issues and requests. Provided fleet related customer service to over 30 agencies comprising of more than 1,500 users. Provided project management support and facilitated customer adoption of the state's fleet card. Provided leadership and expertise to other state agencies on fleet policy development and strategies. Participated in contract negotiations for various fleet oriented contracts.

Information Technology - Developed and supported the state's fleet management system (EMIS). Development and support included all aspects of IT including database development and management; application design, development, programming and maintenance; end user documentation and training. System design included both legacy mainframe and web-based architectures. Developed and wrote an application program interface (AutoBrowse) that allows the state's fleet management system to interface with vendor websites via a web browser for both data extraction and data input. Developed and wrote a full featured email application program interface for the state's fleet management system. Developed and wrote the Disposal Management and Tracking system. Developed and wrote the Vehicle Rental Reservation system. Develop and wrote the Executive Aircraft billing system. Provided technical expertise and project management on various aspects during the implementation of the state's personnel system (PeopleFirst).

Computer Programmer; Computer Analyst I & II; Systems Program Analyst, Florida Department of Management Services, Division of Information Services | December 1985 - October 1992

Developed various complex computer systems as both a team member and a team leader. Duties included writing complex computer programs to data and systems analysis. Provided programming, systems analysis, and consulting expertise on various projects for the Department of Environmental Resources, Department of Administration, Department of Business and Professional Regulation, and the Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services. Developed and wrote an automated production control scheduling system that automatically controls, schedules, and initiates computer batch processes according to time-driven and event-driven activities. Developed and wrote a file archival and restoration system. Developed and wrote a tape management and tracking application for datacenter operations. Developed and wrote an application program interface for the Unisys' security module. Installed and supported operating systems, databases, and security software for the Unisys computer system. Installed and supported scheduling, document management, and tape management software for IBM computer system. Developed system applications that enhanced the management of both Unisys and IBM computer platforms.

Computer Programmer, Florida State University, Center for Educational Technology | February 1984 - December 1985

Wrote educational training software for the US Army's Job Skills Education Program (JSEP). Collaborated with educational staff in the design and function of computer based educational programs. Software architecture included graphic design and animation, touch-screens, and was a precursor to the Internet. Assisted with the development & design of the JSEP data management system.


Bachelor of Science, University of South Florida

  • Information Studies | Currently enrolled & attending

    Course Grade
    Introduction to Information Science A
    IT Concepts for Information Professionals A+
    World Wide Web Page Design & Management A+
    Networks & Communication A
    Information Policy & Ethics A+
    Web Design Technologies A+
    Interaction Design A
    Information Behaviors A
    IT Programming Concepts (Java) A+
Associate in Arts, Tallahassee Community College
  • General Transfer with a concentration in Information Studies | Graduated May 2013
  • President's and Dean's list recipient
Computer Programming and Data Processing certification, Tallahassee Community College
  • Course concentration in computer programming, database concepts and design, systems analysis and design | December 1986